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Pet Exams & Vaccinations in Mill Creek, Washington

Since 1982, Mill Creek Veterinary Hospital in Mill Creek, Washington, has served the community providing general medical and surgical care for dogs and cats, and vaccinations.

General Medical Care & Examinations

Our clinic manages a variety of illnesses and conditions using medications, nutrition, and surgery on an inpatient or outpatient basis. We place a strong emphasis on wellness and preventative care.

The importance of examinations and general check-ups for both sick and well dogs and cats cannot be over stressed. When your pet enters our clinic, it receives a comprehensive assessment of its general state of health from nose to tail.

Immunization & Medications

Just like a child, no two pets are alike, we customize our preventative programs, and treatments to better serve your pet. This practice extends your pet's quality of life and strengthens that special bond between you and your pet. Our vaccination protocol is tailored to the individual needs of your pet depending on their lifestyle, age, and relevant risk factors.
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Cat, Pet Vaccinations in Mill Creek, WA
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